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Research Parts

  • Multi-modal integration for homeostasis maintenance.
  • Development of measurement and stimulation control system.
  • Optimization of drug and electric stimulation intensity control technology.
  • Development of degenerated animal models of dopamine neurons.
  • Verification of brain function homeostasis maintenance technology.
  • Analysis of behavioral activity by multi-modal control of striatum and substantia nigra.
  • Development of deep brain implantation unit module.
  • Development of in-vitro biochip and nano-process
  • Development of
    bio-electronic and biomimetic device .

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[April Monthly Meeting]

Date : April  21 2022(Thu)
Time : 13:00pm~3:00pm 
Venue : Online Meeting / R2 103

[March Monthly Meeting]

Date : March 24 2022(Thu)
Time : 13:00pm~3:00pm 
Venue : Online Meeting / R2 103

[February Monthly Meeting]

Date : February 24 2022(Thu)
Time : 13:00pm~3:00pm
Venue : Online Meeting / R2 103



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