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Information Communication Technology 

Multi-modal Integration for homeostasis maintenance.
Development of measurement and stimulation control system.
Optimization of drug and electric stimulation intensity control technology.

Bio Technology

Development of degenerated animal models of dopamine neurons.
Verification of brain function homeostasis maintenance technology.
Behavioral activity analysis by multi-modal control of striatum and substantia nigra.

Nano Technology

Development of deep brain insertion unit module.
Development of multimodal measurement and stimulation system.
In vitro test platform for multi-modal precision control system development.

2018.12.19. Monthly meeting

– DATE&TIME : 2018.11.08.(THU) 13:00~

– VENUE : DGIST R2-103


  Seminar DGIST, Sohee Kim  

2018.11.08. Monthly meeting

– DATE&TIME : 2018.11.08.(THU) 13:00~

– VENUE : DGIST R2-103


  Seminar KBRI, Jong Cheol Rah

2018.10.18. Monthly meeting

– DATE&TIME : 2018.10.18.(THU) 16:30~

– VENUE : DGIST R2-103

  Seminar DGIST, Jin-young Kim

2018.09.20. Monthly meeting

– DATE&TIME : 2018.09.20.(THU) 16:30~

– VENUE : DGIST R2-103


• Invited Seminar KAIST, Jae-woong Jung

Dr. Hanjoon Kim Starting as Postdoctoral Researcher

2018. 09.01.

Dr. Hanjoon Kim starting as Postdoctoral Researcher

2018.08.23. Monthly meeting

– DATE&TIME : 2018.08.23.(THU) 16:30~

– VENUE : DGIST R2-103


• Seminar DGIST Han Kyoung Choe

2018.07.26. Monthly meeting

– DATE&TIME : 2018.07.26.(THU) 16:30~

– VENUE : DGIST R2-103


• Seminar KBRI Joonho choi

KAIST, Jae-woong Jung (2018.09.20.)

– DATE&TIME : 2018.09.20.(THU) 16:30~

– VENUE : DGIST R2-103

– SUBJECT : Some Recent Progress in Optofluidic Neural Interface Technology for the Brain

Washington University, ShiNung Ching (2018.09.05.)

– DATE&TIME : 2018.09.05.(WED) 10:30~

– VENUE : DGIST E3-112

– SUBJECT : Bursting through unconsciousness: Deriving new engineering frameworks for modeling, manipulating and understanding the inactivated brain

Seoul Nataional University Hospital, Sun Ha Pack (2018.08.16.)

– DATE&TIME : 2018.08.16.(WEH) 11:00~

– VENUE : DGIST E3-112

– SUBJECT : Subthalamic Nucleus (STN) Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in PD and Others

KAIST, Daesoo Kim (2018.08.07.)

– DATE&TIME : 2018.08.07.(THU) 15:00~

– VENUE : DGIST E3-112

– SUBJECT : Medial preoptic circuit induces hunting-like actions to target objects and prey.

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